iOneMicro is no regular tech company.  Our team has decades of real world experience in the property management industry


Can't have a tech company without great engineers. Only half of our team comes from the property management industry.  

The other half:  they are true blue makers.


We know that our products are only as good as your ability to make use of them.  Our team will work tirelessly to provide the support you need to get up and running.


iOneMicro is dedicated to innovation.  We're always working on new things to help us give our clients the advantage over their competition.


Property Management Gurus

We speak Property Management

Our staff will understand your needs and priorities in a way that no other tech company could.

We've done it before

We won't waste time and money on prolonged research campaigns.  We already know the tools and techniques of the trade.

Masters of Machines

Our engineers are tech enthusiasts above all else.  They live on the cutting edge.

 We've got experts in:

Web, Desktop, & Mobile Technology

Business Intelligence

Security & Privacy

Hardware Prototyping

Smart Homes

Big Data